Career Coaches

In the 2023-24 school year, Weakley County Schools introduced a new role to help students successfully plan for their future: Career Coaches. 

Career Coaches work with students at all levels, with concentrated efforts on middle and high school. At the middle school level, coaches provide career development guidance, assist students with career exploration activities and assessments, and work with students to explore career opportunities in an effort for them to make the most educated decision about their focus of study for the most effective and interesting high school experience. At the high school level, students are exposed to as many real world learning experiences as possible through Work-Based Learning, guest speakers, business and industry tours, employment skills workshops, industry certifications, and much more. 
Weakley County students starting at the 8th grade level will soon begin taking the YouScience assessments that measures personal aptitudes through brain games online assessments. In the past, conversations concerning career paths were focused more on students' interests, which are often limited. Introducing students to new resources such as YouScience will open the conversation to help students view career choices in a new light. 

Career Coaches will administer assessments using results to point students in the right direction of the career path that aligns with their skills. They will plan guest speakers, field trips, and other learning opportunities for the students specifically based on YouScience results with the goal to advance their thoughts on career planning to the next level. Once students create their account and complete their assessment, they can utilize the online account for 10 years, so career planning can continue through high schools and beyond.

Parents are encouraged to talk with children about YouScience results and how they can be used to to plan for the future. 
Overall major efforts of our Career Coaches:
  • Create excitement about future and career planning
  • Facilitate YouScience assessments for students and then provide guidance on how to utilize those results in planning the future
  • Exploration of career options with an emphasis on employment avenues found in Weakley County
  • Build a strong foundation for workplace readiness skills
  • Build partnerships with local business and industry to provide continuous learning opportunities for students 
  • Introduce post-secondary education and training opportunities through colleges, technical schools, local training programs, and more
  • Coordinate college/career/skills fairs to students to more career options and training opportunities
  • Coordinate WBL placements (off-campus HS only)
  • Connect teachers with industry and business leaders and assist them with scheduling guest speakers for classrooms to encourage more interaction with people working in their industry.
 career coach team
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