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COVID-19 Responses -- What's the Difference Between MDE and Remote Learning?
Posted on 07/28/2020
This is the image for the news article titled COVID-19 Responses -- What's the Difference Between MDE and Remote Learning?Remote Learning will be launched in the event of a closure. Monitored Distance Education (MDE) is provided for students whose circumstances prevent them from a return to the traditional classroom. To enroll in MDE, parents must contact the school principal and request an application.

Here's an overview of the differences between the two:

MDE and Remote

The following represent some frequently asked questions regarding Monitored Distance Education:

What is Monitored Distance Education?
Students in hardship situations due to health or a family matter will receive access to Monitored Distance Education, an at-home plan that includes videos and step-by-step online instructions for activities. This program is overseen by a teacher for grades and formal written feedback but live interaction regarding the subject matter is not possible. The plan is approved by the TN Department of Education and aligns with what is being taught by Weakley County Schools but is not a duplication of what is happening inside Weakley County classrooms.

What does MDE look like?
Click on the links below for videos which introduce how the program is set up and what students will see when taking the class.

K-5  6-12
        Grades K-5                    Grades 6-12

How do I enroll my child in the MDE option?
Parents will need to contact the school principal to discuss and receive an application. Once the application is completed, parents return the application to the principal. Parents will then be provided a link and initial training on how to interact with the program.

What if I try it and don’t like the MDE option?
A student enrolled in MDE must remain in the program through the first semester. They may return to the classroom when school resumes in January.

If schools close before January, can I switch to Remote Learning?
Students who opt for MDE will be on a slightly different learning track. As a result, we cannot allow students to move in and out of the program. They will be able to switch to whatever is currently in place in January if they decide to opt out of MDE.

How does MDE differ from remote learning?
If schools close, younger students will have take-home "tool kits" as well as opportunities to interact with their teachers online and by phone. Older students will have access to online classes and regular interaction with their teachers. MDE is completely online for all students.

If my child has a problem with content, will someone be able to assist?
Students will submit their work online and a teacher will be monitoring it. If a problem arises, feedback will be given. The program also includes a messaging option.

If we have a technical problem, what should we do?
A phone Help Line will be available for technology-oriented questions.

What if an MDE student does not have a device or internet access?
Students who do not have a computer may be issued one by the school district. Those students with low to no internet access will receive computers loaded with class content and will have regularly scheduled contact with their teacher.

Will my child’s work be graded?
Yes. Regardless of the type of learning environment provided to our students, teachers will continue to follow all district grading protocols.

How will attendance be taken?
The student will log in each day.

Will logged hours online or parental certification of specific time allocated for study each day be required?
Grades will be determined by the completion of assignments. Time spent in learning will not be a factor.

Will my child still receive supplies?
Students are asked to provide their own supplies if possible. However, some communities are providing supplies and/or certain items. Please check with the school regarding availability of supplies.

How will special needs populations receive what they need?
Individualized Education Plan (IEP) teams will determine appropriate services for students with disabilities to have access to a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE).

Will extracurricular activities be offered?
Extracurricular activities may be offered on a limited basis. Please check with the school.

How will breakfasts and lunches be handled for those using MDE?
If students opt for Modified Distance Education and notify their school of the desire to receive meals, those meals will be available for daily pick-up at the school. If students in a household attend multiple schools, due to federal/state funds requirements, the meals will need to be picked up at each school.

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