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Bus Drivers’ Commitment Recognized and Campaign Drive Kicked Off
Posted on 06/07/2022
This is the image for the news article titled Bus Drivers’ Commitment Recognized and Campaign Drive Kicked OffOn June 7, County Mayor Jake Bynum welcomed city mayors, school administration, and family and friends of the honored guests to a steps-of-the-Courthouse celebration of Weakley County Schools bus drivers with perfect attendance. Afterward, Director of Schools Randy Frazier acknowledged each of the drivers who had faithfully picked up and dropped off students at the county’s ten locations for the entirety of the 2021-22 school year.

As Frazier spoke, Board Chair Steve Vantrease and Bynum presented the drivers with a metal wall hanging and key holder crafted by Westview High School’s FFA. Mayor Jeff Washburn of Dresden, Mayor Charles Anderson of Gleason, Mayor Cindy McAdams of Greenfield, Mayor Randy Brundige of Martin and Mayor Ali Stalter of Sharon then distributed keys painted to match their school’s colors to complete the “keys to the county” gift. Camiel Taylor of Taylor Automotive followed with an additional donation of an oil change for each driver.

“We are here to acknowledge the commitment of our school bus drivers. We want to celebrate and honor those committed employees ensuring that our students are safely transported to and from school. These men and women serve as drivers and so much more. They are our children’s protectors, confidantes, cheerleaders, and friends,” said Frazier.

Frazier then pointed to Stanley Tims of Cottage Grove who stood with the drivers with phone in hand. Frazier noted that, employed as a fulltime mechanic, Tims often had to fill in for drivers who were out sick and so it was only appropriate that he was “filling in” once again. The phone held a video call to Transportation Director Ron Byington who is attending the state meeting with fellow transportation directors in east Tennessee. Frazier said that Byington had already reported that a survey of school districts showed 84% facing a driver shortage, a reality similarly experienced across the U.S. last year.

Drivers recognized during the morning ceremony were Donnie Gearin of Gleason, Denise Hayes of Martin, Lisa Huestis of Palmersville, Terry McKinney of Gleason, Ronald Plunk of Martin, and John Stewart of Martin. As Frazier introduced Glenda Reagan of Dresden, he noted that her 42 years of service gives her the greatest longevity of all the County’s 40-plus drivers. The crowd then broke into spontaneous applause. Byington was also recognized for his perfect attendance.

Drivers with perfect attendance who were not able to attend were: Don Allen of Greenfield, David Hugueley of Gleason, Michelle Rook of Gleason, and Cory VanCleave of Martin.

To conclude the event, Frazier then kicked off the school system’s new Drive for Drivers, a campaign to increase the number of part-time and full-time drivers. He encouraged the crowd to join the effort in recruiting and called their attention to the bus positioned across from the Courthouse carrying a large banner with the phone number 731-364-2578 to call if interested in knowing more.

Men and women stand outside courthouse and beside banner stating Weakley Strong
Weakley County Schools Bus Drivers with perfect attendance were recognized during a June 7 ceremony at the County Courthouse. County Mayor Jake Bynum and City Mayors Charles Anderson, Randy Brundige, Ali Stalter, Jeff Washburn and Cindy McAdams along with Schools Director Randy Frazier and Board Chair Steve Vantrease presented hand-crafted symbols of the “keys to the county” to (from left to right) Ronald Plunk of Martin, Glenda Reagan of Dresden, John Stewart of Martin, Denise Hayes of Martin, Terry McKinney of Gleason, Donnie Gearin of Gleason, Lisa Huestis of Palmersville, and bus mechanic Stanley Tims who was standing in for Transportation Director Ron Byington (seen on phone’s video call) who also had perfect attendance. Drivers with perfect attendance who were not able to attend were: Don Allen of Greenfield, David Hugueley of Gleason, Michelle Rook of Gleason, and Cory VanCleave of Martin.

line of people standing in front of courthouse
(from left to right County Mayor Jake Bynum, Greenfield Mayor Cindy McAdams, Sharon Mayor Ali Stalter, Donnie Gearin, Denise Hayes, Dresden Mayor Jeff Washburn, Lisa Huestis, Martin Mayor Randy Brundige, Terry McKinney, Gleason Mayor Charles Anderson, Ronald Plunk, Schools Director Randy Frazier, Glenda Reagan, School Board Chair Steve Vantrease, John Stewart, School Board Member Martin Hamlin, Stanley Tims. Not pictured: WCS Transportation Director Ron Byington, Don Allen, David Hugueley, Michelle Rook, and Cory VanCleave.

two women and young girl stand in front of Weakley Strong sign
Glenda Reagan of Dresden has driven a bus for Weakley County Schools for 42 years and clocked in with perfect attendance in the 2021-22 year. On the day of recognizing drivers with such stellar attendance records, she proudly drew attention to her granddaughter Taelyn Trevathan who is “8 years old, almost 9” and also had perfect attendance at Dresden Elementary this year. They are shown with DES Principal Melanie Needham.

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