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Dresden & Westview Take Home Regional FBLA Wins, Advance to State
Posted on 02/25/2021
This is the image for the news article titled Dresden & Westview Take Home Regional FBLA Wins, Advance to StateBusiness students in Weakley County once again made their marks at the annual Future Business Leaders of America competitions. And several are on their way (virtually at least) to more state level events.

As part of the largest career student business organization in the world, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) for high school students has more than 196,950 members and more than 5,200 chapters. FBLA focuses on Leadership Development, Academic Competitions, Educational Programs, and Community Service. Members compete in events that test their business knowledge and skills at the regional, state and national levels.

Tennessee is divided into six regions. Weakley competes in Region 2 against 21 other counties in the area.

In January, Westview and Dresden High Schools had several students participate in the virtual regional competitions and claim certificates of achievement. Students also took part in the state online competition that was held during the regularly scheduled FBLA Week, February 14-21. Since Weakley County was out for snow days, the students had to take the initiative to sign in on their own.

Additional state level competitions will occur in March. Role play, speeches, interviews; presentations on categories such as 3-D Animation, Broadcast Journalism, Digital Video Production, Electronic Career Portfolio and Graphic Design are among the options for students to exhibit their skills. In April a few more demonstration competitions are scheduled with all state winners announced on April 5.

Dresden students who opted to compete at the state level are Jacey McClure, Spreadsheet Applications; Parker Ferrell, Computer Applications; Haley Brooks, Website Design; Keylee Calabrese, Public Service Announcement; Molly Maddox, Business Communication; and Julie Mathis, Business Ethics. Maddox will be representing the region since she won in her category.

Westview FBLA regional winners include:

Entrepreneurship - Noah Wilson, Supply Chain Management, 3rd place; Josef Abdulla, Advertising, 1st place; Roree Roberts, Accounting, 5th place; Tara Steffen-Brewer, Advertising, 4th place; Carter Coleman, Advertising, 3rd place; Mason VanCleave, Health Care Administration,4th place. Wilson and VanCleave chose not to participate in the state online option.

Business Management students - Ethan Rose, Organizational Leadership, 3rd Place; Tidus Perry, Introduction to Business Procedures, 5th place; Hunter Terrell, Introduction to Business Procedures, 6th place; Abigail Plath, Organizational Leadership, 1st place; Elaina Bernico, Organizational Leadership, 4th place; Noah Shane, Introduction to Business, 6th place; Robin Wynne, Organizational Leadership, 2nd place; Carson Dinning, Agribusiness, 5th place; Hudson Edge, Agribusiness, 6th place; Thomas Schertz, Introduction to Business, 4th place. Those moving forward to state competition who tested last week virtually were-Ethan Rose, Hunter Terrell, Abigail Plath, Elaina Bernico, Noah Shane, Thomas Schertz, Hudson Edge, and Robin Wynne. Tidus Perry shifted and tested in state skills competition for Word Processing last week.

Computer Applications students - Josiah Klutts, Computer Problem Solving, 6th place; and Natalie Williams, Health Care Administration, 5th place. Both participated in the state virtual competition last week.

Business Communications students - Jacob Foltz, Introduction to Business, 1st place; Aryon Chauhan, Introduction to Business, 3rd place; Ellie Blackburn, Introduction to Business Communication, 2nd place; Joseph Roupe, Computer Problem Solving, 2nd place; Rey Aguilar, Accounting, 6th place; Michael Collier, Introduction to Business Communications, 5th place; Dylan Hutson, Introduction to Business Procedures 4th place and Samuel Daniels, Advertising 6th place.; Christian Ingram, Business Communications, 9th place; Preston Lee, Introduction to Business Procedures, 1st place; Katelee Roberts, Business Communications, 7th place; Grayson Gilliam Computer Problem Solving, 5th place; Michael Butler, Accounting ,1st place; Austin Alverado-Webb, Introduction to Business Communications,, 8th place; Jack Hughey, Introduction to Business Communications, 7th place; Nolan Winstead, Business Communications, 11th place; Chase Winschel, Business Communications, 6th place; Harrison Simpson, Computer Problem Solving, 4th place.

Preston Lee shifted and tested in state skills competition for Word Processing last week. Katelee Roberts, Grayson Gillam, Michael Butler, Jack Hughey, Chase Winschel, and Harrison Simpson, Dylan Hutson, Jacob Foltz, Sam Daniels, Aryon Chauhan, Ellie Blackburn, Joseph Roupe and Michael Collier tested in their respective competitions as well.

Accounting Students - Angelina Barr, Business Calculations, 8th place; Santana Easley, Introduction to Business Calculations, 6th place; Jackson Abel, Business Calculations, 7th place; and Cade Spaulding, Business Calculations, 6th place. Brian Hicks who is attending classes through the online option placed 4th in Business Calculations. Brian Hicks, Jackson Abel and Cade Spaulding participated in the online state competition last week.

Dresden winners
(from left to right) Jacey McClure, Parker Ferrell, Haley Brooks, Keylee Calabrese, Molly Maddox, Julie Mathis

Westview Entrepreneurship
(from left to right) Noah Wilson, Josef Abdulla, Roree Roberts, Tara Steffen-Brewer, Carter Coleman, Mason VanCleave

Westview Business Management
(from left to right) Ethan Rose, Tidus Perry, Hunter Terrell, Abigail Plath, Elaina Bernico, Noah Shane, Robin Wynne, Carson Dinning, Hudson Edge, (Thomas Schertz, not pictured)

Westview Computer Applications
(from left to right) Josiah Klutts, Natalie Williams

Westview Business Communications
Jacob Foltz, Aryon Chauhan, Ellie Blackburn, Joseph Roupe, Rey Aguilar, Michael Collier

Westview Business Communications
Christian Ingram, Preston Lee, Katelee Roberts, Grayson Gilliam, Michael Butler, Austin Alverado-Webb, Jack Hughey, Nolan Winstead, Chase Winschel, Harrison Simpson

Westview Business Communications
Dylan Hutson, Samuel Daniels

Westview Accounting
Angelina Barr, Santana Easley, Jackson Abel, Cade Spaulding

Westview Accounting
Brian Hicks
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