The following information is shared with all students riding Weakley County buses and both the student and parent are asked to sign. Please note, riders must be at least 5 years old.

Student Guidelines for Riding a School Bus:
1. There will be no profanity used on the bus at any time for any reason.
2. Get seated as quickly as possible. Sit on your bottom facing the front at all times. Do not have your legs in the isle or be turned around looking over the back of seat.
3. Do not be out of your seat while the bus is moving. Wait until the bus stops before going to the front to exit. Exit as quickly as possible.
4. Keep your hands to yourself. Absolutely no horseplay or bullying will be tolerated.
5. Do not get things out of your backpack. Pencils, paper, toys, etc. can wait until you get home.
6. No eating or drinking on the bus. This is a state law! Buses can be taken off line due to food and candy being on the floor (it attracts insects). Your drivers should not have to continue to scrape food and candy off the floor.
7. Keep the noise level to a minimum. You may talk to the person riding beside you, but do not yell at someone sitting far away from you. Screams and loud noises are very distractive to the driver.
8. Do not put anything out of the window. Keep your head and arms in the bus and do not throw anything out of a window.
9. If you need to talk to the bus driver for a non-emergency, try to wait until the bus has stopped. If it is serious matter, then get the attention of the bus driver as quickly as you can.
10. Keep trash picked up and help the driver keep a clean bus. Take ownership in the bus you ride, it is your bus. If you see trash on the floor, pick it up on your way off and throw it away. Your driver will appreciate this very much.
11. Follow the instructions of the driver at all times.
12. Failure to follow these rules will result in the loss of the privilege to ride the bus.

Parents and community members should also be aware the Tennessee General Assembly in 2019 passed a law prohibiting the use of a hand-held cell phone on Tennessee roads. Violators face a $200 fine if the violation occurs in a work zone while workers are present or in a school zone.
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