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Westview’s Future Business Leaders Recognized
Posted on 12/01/2021
This is the image for the news article titled Westview’s Future Business Leaders RecognizedThe goal of Career and Technical Education courses across the state is to prepare students for success at the postsecondary level and in their chosen careers. Students at Westview last spring took steps to certify their due diligence and were recognized for those efforts this week.

Thirty business-focused learners passed one of two industry certifications and a representative of the cloud-based platform hosting the preparation and testing came to Martin to recognize the achievement.

“Industry certifications validate students' knowledge and skills, infuse career-readiness into the classroom and jump-start students' careers,” acknowledged Amanda Sharp, CTE Curriculum Consultant for iCEV. She added that in the first year the certification has been approved in Tennessee, Westview was one of 14 schools that became early adopters and the large number of certificates earned prompted the visit. Sharp also said Westview’s successful candidates had a higher pass rate than industry standards.

On its website, iCEV touts that the certifications are “developed and issued by industry leaders, reflect the needs of real-world career expectations and distinguish individuals from their peers when applying for jobs.” Sharp noted that students are taking an industry test, not one adapted for students.

Kimberly Elliott, Westview’s Business Technology Instructor and advisor for Future Business Leaders of America, points out the iCEV lesson content is delivered using video and PowerPoint® presentations featuring real-world demonstrations and relevant information. With student licenses, each student has their own iCEV account, giving them the ability to work ahead or review content as needed.

“Last January, when we received notice Tennessee had approved iCEV Certifications, I challenged students in my Entrepreneurship and Business Communications classes to rise to the challenge. I cannot be more proud of the success these students had,” she said.

The 30 out of 41 students who completed the exam and passed earned either a certification in communications or finance.

The Southwest Airlines Professional Communications Certification verifies individuals possess the soft skills necessary to thrive in any workplace environment. The certification validates the knowledge and skills necessary to communicate effectively, think critically and work with others, resulting in an employee with greater interpersonal and customer service skills.

The certification exam consists of 100 questions and assesses knowledge and skills from the following weighted industry standards: English Language Proficiencies, Interpersonal Communication Techniques, Workplace Communication Techniques, Written Communication Procedures, Communication Theory, Verbal Communication Procedures.

Receiving the communications certification were Rey Aguilar, Austin Alverado-Webb, Joseph Anderson, Houston Baker, Michael Butler, Aryan Chauhan, Michael Collier, Nate Cross, Sam Daniels, Jacob Foltz, Grayson Gilliam, Ethan Hayden, Dylan Hutson, Christian Ingram, Preston Lee, Bryce McGuffin, Zach Parrott, Katelee Roberts, Roree Roberts, Joseph Roupe, DeVonte Smith, Harrison Simpson, Terron Smith, Chase Winschel, and Robyn Wynne.

The Center for Financial Responsibility Personal Financial Literacy Certification verifies individuals possess the ability to successfully navigate vital monetary decisions which affect both their personal and professional lives. The certification validates the knowledge and skills pertaining to credit cards, loans, retirement, investments, and mortgages.

The certification exam also consists of 100 questions and assesses knowledge and skills from the following weighted industry standards: Budgets, Banking Options and Records, Investments and Risk Management, Taxes and Paychecks, Loans, and Major Purchasing Decisions.

Josef Abdulla, Tara Brewer, Carter Coleman, Riley Hazlewood, and Mason Vancleave earned the financial certification.

The iCEV recognition was part of the FBLA membership ceremony held on Tuesday. New FBLA inductees received their pins after hearing from former Westview student and current graduate student at the University of Alabama Emily Wilson.

Wilson, who graduated in 2017 after advocating for and securing Martin’s first dog park and opening a recycling business with her brother, told the group via Zoom that the organization had helped introduce her to her love of marketing.

“Once I discovered marketing, I was hooked,” she said. She encouraged the members to maximize their opportunities with the organization.

“FBLA can set you up to pursue your dreams,” she concluded.

Officers Chase Winschel, Joseph Roupe, Brooklyn Young, Katelee Roberts,
Jacob Foltz, Dylan Hutson, and Ellie Blackburn assisted Elliott in the short service that included guests County Mayor Jake Bynum, Weakley County Schools Director Randy Frazier, and CTE Director Lindsey Parham. Vice President for Marketing Natalie Williams was unable to participate in the ceremony.

Elliott also publicly thanked Charger Foundation representatives in attendance Elizabeth Pritchett, Lauren Sims and Charita Brent for the grant that allowed for the purchase of FBLA blazers worn by officers.

Amanda Sharp with students who earned certification
Amanda Sharp, CTE Curriculum Consultant for iCEV. presents a placard acknowledging the inaugural group of Westview students who successfully earned either the Southwest Airlines Professional Communications or Center for Financial Responsibility Personal Financial Literacy Certifications. Business Instructor Kimberly Elliott included the presentation in the Future Business Leaders of America membership ceremony this week. Students in attendance who earned the industry certification were (from top, left to right) Aryan Chuhan, Michael Collier, Jacob Foltz, Grayson Gilliam, Ethan Hayden, Dylan Hutson, Christian Ingram, Preston Lee, Zach Parrott, Katelee Roberts, Joseph Roupe, Terron Smith, and Chase Winschel.

Charger Foundation with FBLA officers
FBLA Historian Ellie Blackburn, Secretary Brooklyn Young, and President Chase Winschel model the new blazers made possible by a grant from the Charger Foundation, here represented by Charita Brent, Lauren Sims and Elizabeth Pritchett. Other officers seen here are Katelee Roberts, Jacob Foltz, Dylan Hutson, and Joseph Roupe.

FBLA group shot
The Westview High School Future Business Leaders of America held the member installation ceremony on Tuesday, November 30. Weakley County Schools Director Randy Frazier, County Mayor Jake Bynum, CTE Director Lindsey Parham, and Business Instructor Kimberly Elliott, join FBLA officers in the back (left to right) President Chase Winschel, Vice President-Membership Joseph Roupe, Parliamentarian Dylan Hutson, Reporter Jacob Foltz, Treasurer Katelee Roberts, Historian Ellie Blackburn, and Secretary Brooklyn Young.

Current FBLA members include: Naser Abdulla, Jackson Abel, Austin Alverado-Webb, Aidan Armstrong, Jerzey Avent, Houston Baker, Angelina Barr, Knox Black, Ellie Blackburn, Kaitlyn Boyd, Ellie Brewer, Kadance Brewer, Kaitlyn Brundige, Ethan Burns, Eduardo Camacho, Chase Campbell, Michael TJ Christley, Aryan Chuhan, Michael Collier, Stanley Dean, Luke Diebold, Santana Easley, Nicholas Edwards, Kamora Ellison, Cannon Elliott, Rachel Escudero, Michael Foley, Jacob Foltz, Bryce Freeland, Addison Gadlen, Bryce Garner, Ethan Garrett, Chris Gasca, Gabe Gilliam, Grayson Gilliam, Javion Goins, Enrique Gray, Tyler Griffin, Jaidon Harris, Jada Harrison, Ethan Hayden, Josiah Heath, Casey Hickman, Brian Hicks, Zoe Hogan, Caden Holley, Samantha Hurt, Dylan Hutson, Christian Ingram, Deisel Jeffrey, Kane Jordan, Josiah Klutts, Preston Lee, Sky Legens, Autumn Martin, Brett McGuffin, Kaliyah McHaney, Kamari McKinney, Justin Merrell, Parrish Moseley, Rahman Obadat, Kevin Palma, Zach Parrott, Agentry Perry, Kaylee Riffe, Katelee Roberts, Jacob Rogers, Joseph Roupe, Aailiyah Sanders, Latissh Sanders, Chelsea Sanford, Dalton Sanford, Noah Shane, Josh Simmons, Harrison Simpson, Isaac Smith, Terron Smith, Jayda Spain, Kmariyah Espinal-Spivey, Jolyce Starling, Hayden Swaim, Hunter Terrell, Miles Vincent, Misha Vu, Tanyla Ward, Faith Williams, Natalie Williams, Chase Winschel, Kylan Winston, and Brooklyn Young.
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